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Dawson's knowledge of online magazines is unparallelled."
Rick Lambert
When I started my online magazine Dawson was my saving grace."
Nicky Reilly

About Dawson

Entrepreneur. Subtly charming troublemaker. Certified introvert. Friendly food evangelist. Typical analyst.

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magazine maker

Magazine Maker? – Here`s the Deal:

Technology has changed our lives immensely. Where earning was a trouble some years back, we are now open to endless opportunities via the web. We can sit at home and earn dollars easily. Digital text is a way of earning money via the web, and it has gained huge popularity and appreciation throughout the world. People sitting anywhere and in any country, can … [Read More...]

digital magazine publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing

Being digital has become the new trend everywhere. We like digital watches, digital designed clothes and now we have digital text as well and the demand for digital text is growing day by day. Technology and its advancements have taken the 21st century to the new heights. We are able to read magazines of any genre, newspaper and books via the web at any time … [Read More...]

create your own magazine

Create your Own Magazine 100% Free

If we look into what the first ever magazine, back in the 1700’s looked like, we will realize that we have come a long way. Or let’s say that the media has come a long way. People these days; rely on online text a lot and online readings rates have rapidly increased in the previous years. It might sound surprising but people cherish the ability to search for … [Read More...]

online magazine creator

Best Online Magazine Creator

The 21st century has developed largely and we come across innovations that our mind never thought of in the past. Nowadays, we can sit in our homes and with utter comfort, earn money and gain huge profits as well. Thanks to technology and the advancements that we have experienced in this field, that we are now able to manage innumerable tasks with the help … [Read More...]