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About Dawson

Entrepreneur. Subtly charming troublemaker. Certified introvert. Friendly food evangelist. Typical analyst.

Magazine Software

Magazine Software – The number one on the web

Making an e-magazine is just a matter of turning your paper ideas onto an iPad, personal computer, or whatever gadget you utilize for the purpose. However, as easy as it may sound…the devil hides in the details. And when you actually sit down to create a digital booklet or an online journal; you just start getting the details of the devil hidden inside. This … [Read More...]

create a magazine

Create a Magazine – The fastest way to reach more readers

It is not difficult to publish a magazine online. It requires determination, hard work, and some basic tools to help you along the way. And if you wish to make your online magazine profitable, then you need to give it a proficient finish so that the readers are appealed towards it. In the end, the readers are going to make huge easy profits for you. If you … [Read More...]

magazine maker

Magazine Maker – Here is the Deal:

Technology has changed our lives immensely. Where earning was troublesome years back, we are now open to endless opportunities via the web. We can sit at home and earn dollars easily. Digital text is a way of earning money via the web, and it has gained huge popularity and appreciation throughout the world. People sitting anywhere and in any country, can … [Read More...]

digital magazine software

Digital Magazine Software – An easy way to save money

Choosing the best free digital magazine program can be a bit tricky. The variety and choices out there make it tougher to put your finger on one and say that it is the perfect one. The other might have more features and might come with ease of use also. However, before you choose a digital magazine publishing software, here are some things that you need to … [Read More...]


Dawson's knowledge of online magazines is unparallelled."
Rick Lambert
When I started my online magazine Dawson was my saving grace."
Nicky Reilly